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A Europe-Friendly Model Is in the Works

Europe Friendly tesla Model Is In The Works
Europe Friendly tesla Model Is In The Works

In an interview during the European Conference on Batteries, Elon Musk mentioned that the Gigafactory in Berlin will design a new model with the help of local talent.

He explains: “I think there’s a lot of talent, talented designers and engineers, in Europe. And a lot of the best people, they want to work somewhere where they are doing original design work. They don’t want to just be doing the European version of something that was designed in California. So, I think it’s important in order to attract the best talent to do original design.”

During the interview, Musk gave some insight into what the car could look like:

“I think possibly in Europe it would make sense to do…I guess a compact car, so perhaps a hatchback or something like that.”

He also mentions a difference between American cars and European cars that give the idea of a separate model more convenient for future European Tesla owners. American cars are usually big for personal taste and that European cars tend to be smaller as well as the parking spaces. Musk brings up that he was driving a Model X in Berlin and found it hard to find a parking space that was big enough.

Tesla has other models that have not hit the roads yet, the Roadster, and the Cybertruck.

The Roadster, according to Tesla’s website, is the quickest car in the world. The four-seat 620-mile range car can accelerate from 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds. But, Elon has a need for speed. He has mentioned that he plans on putting cold-gas thrusters behind the license plate of the Roadster. This would change the acceleration time to 1.1 seconds.

The Cybertruck was unveiled just last year and deliveries are supposed to happen by next year. The unveiling of the Cybertruck was one to remember. From the bulletproof armor, a Ford F-150 being dragged uphill, and, of course, the glass window fail. According to USA Today, 200,000 Cybertrucks were preordered within the first three days.

Giving locals the ability to design a model that would fit their standards will send designers and engineers in droves. The possibility of being given the chance to work on Tesla’s new model that is affordable and accustomed to their roads would be exciting. Naturally, a new model and the Giga Berlin factory will inspire future engineers and designers.

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Kirsten Markley is an Elon Musk enthusiast. She is studying graphic design and plans on being a UI designer on Mars.