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A New Cybertruck Prototype Was Spotted Today at Tesla’s Fremont Test Track

new cybertruck prototype spotted
new cybertruck prototype spotted

Earlier today, Tesla’s Cybertruck was spotted via drone footage on their Fremont factory test track.

When people saw the ten-minute footage done by Youtuber Chile AI100, they noticed that the truck has been going through some changes. According to The Verge, the front is more curved and that there are more headlights below the light bar. There are two headlights on each side of the front while in between these two lights are three amber-colored lights. Another notable new feature was the massive windshield wiper. The original design had no wiper but this one was all on the driver’s side of the window and took up almost the entire length. One other change was the side mirrors, which were also not included in the original prototype.

Elon Musk responded to this on Twitter saying that figuring out where to put it was difficult and that the mirrors are required by law. But he also stated that you could remove them if you wanted to.

Though not seen in the footage, the updated prototype will also have four-steering and four electric motors. It will also have the ability to move side to side with rear wheel steering to move around like a crab which, according to Drive Tribe, is a feature on GMC’s Hummer EV.

Based off the blue painter’s tape in the footage, it looks like the altering process is not finished quite yet. Tesla has claimed to have also been working on an electromagnetic wiper. Electrek writes that the wiper will be like the single wiper seen here, but it has been said that The Cybertruck will be the first of the Tesla vehicles to have it. Though it has not officially been announced. Another feature the Electrek mentions is the side cameras where the videos would be displayed on the screens on the inside. But these cameras have not been regulated in North America yet.

The Cybertruck was unveiled back in 2019 and production has been pushed back several times. Deliveries are scheduled to happen in late 2022, thought The Verge writes that Tesla will give an update on product roadmap next month. As of now, it is the cheapest Tesla vehicle you can buy starting at $39,900 and has over 1 million of them booked.

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Kirsten Markley is an Elon Musk enthusiast. She is studying graphic design and plans on being a UI designer on Mars.