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A Tesla Driver in Taiwan Crashes Into an Overturned Truck While Using Autopilot

Tesla Crashes Into an Overturned Truck
Tesla Crashes Into an Overturned Truck

A video has surfaced online of a Model 3 crashing into an overturned truck. The man driving the Model 3, who was not injured, told local news media that he was using some autopilot driver-assist features.

In the video, you can see that the driver put on the brakes at the last second but was too late.

According to Electrek, the local media reported, “He (the driver) confessed to the police that the auxiliary system was turned on at the time, and the self-driving state was not adopted. There is no drunk driving situation, and the relevant transcripts have been completed so far, and the two parties have to face the subsequent compensation matters.”

I have reported on the new features Tesla will offer in the future a couple of months ago, but we have to note that Tesla’s are not fully autonomous yet. The emergency brake system should have worked in this instance, but Tesla still requires drivers to keep their hands on the wheel while autopilot features are being used. What occurred in Taiwan is an example of this. Features, like the emergency brake system, will improve overtime.

Fred Lambert, the Editor-in-Chief and the main writer for Electrek, pointed out that the reason Tesla and other companies that offer driver-assist features hit things in the middle of the road at full speed because they are trying to reduce the number of false-positive braking occurrences.

The driver’s statement to police does say that Autopilot was not being used during the time of the crash but the original source, Taiwan English News, claims that the driver said that some features were implemented.

It is not clear whether or not autopilot features were on or not, but in the end the important thing is that both drivers were not injured in the accident. He is extremely lucky that he did not hit a person passing by or a building with people in it.

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