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Are You Looking for a Job in the Resort Development Field? Well, SpaceX Is Hiring

spacex boca chica hiring
spacex boca chica hiring

Ever since SpaceX bought land near Boca Chica Village, Texas, in 2014, it has become a launch site and a place of excitement for the future. But according to the Observer, Boca Chica may soon be going through major changes. There has been a new job posting on SpaceX’s website for a Resort Development Manager.

In the listing, SpaceX explains that Boca Chica Village is the latest site dedicated to the development of Starship and that they want to turn the village into a “21st century Spaceport.” For this reason, SpaceX is looking for a Resort Development Manager to organize plans for a resort from beginning to end. The qualifications for the job include a bachelor’s degree and 5+ years of experience in construction project management. The additional requirements are, as for any person that is working for Elon Musk, that the person can work extended hours and on weekends and is able to travel short and extended trips.

The idea of a SpaceX luxury resort may come as a surprise for some, but it is nothing new for the people who live in Boca Chica Village. Back in February, SpaceX faced backlash by residence who feared losing their homes. According to Universe Today, a job posting that was later taken down detailed plans for turning the village into a “SpaceX Village”. The “private spaceport with eyes on Mars” would include 100 rooms, be able to host events, and will have “spaceport lounge events and parties.” Soon after, Elon Musk told the residence to leave so that Starship can continue developing without legal issues.

Moving out is not the only thing homeowners must deal with. According to the Observer, residents must register with the county, wear badges and sometimes must evacuate during launches which could happen once a month.

SpaceX has not officially stated that they have plans for a resort. It might be because of residence of the village potentially pursing legal action. Hopefully Boca Chica Village is big enough for the residence and SpaceX to coexist and that an agreement or compromise is reached.

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Kirsten Markley is an Elon Musk enthusiast. She is studying graphic design and plans on being a UI designer on Mars.