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Changes to the Cybertruck Are No Longer Happening

Changes to the Cybertruck Are No Longer Happening
Changes to the Cybertruck Are No Longer Happening

After an unforgettable unveiling of the Cybertruck months ago, Elon’s plan to make the truck 3% smaller is no longer happening.

Elon tweeted the news out on Saturday and explained that making the truck 3% smaller would be too small. He came to this decision after reviewing the design with Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla’s chief designer. The Cybertruck will remain the same size as the one displayed at the unveiling, but there are plans to build a smaller world truck in the future.

According to TechCrunch, there will be three variations of the Cybertruck. The first is a single motor and rear-wheel drive model will be $39,900, the cheapest of the three.It will have a towing capacity of 7,500 pounds. The second will be $49,900 and will have a towing capacity of 10,000 pounds. It will be a dual-motor all wheel-drive and be able to drive 300 miles after one charge. The last one will have three electric motors as well as all wheel-drive, a towing capacity of 14,000 pounds, and a range of 500 miles. This one is priced at $69,900.

With this being the case, how are buyers going to fit this giant into a garage? I have also wondered this myself after my father preordered one. Thankfully, Road Show answered this question using an augmented reality app. In the app, they put the Cybertruck into an average American garage and came to the conclusion that the truck is too big. They also pointed out that this is not Tesla’s fault. Trucks have been growing bigger and bigger over the years which has caused Americans to make their garages bigger. So, those who have bought or have plans to buy the Cybertruck in the future will have to plan on having a bigger garage. I did think that they could be left outside, but we would have to hope that there are no thieves with steel balls around. I’m pretty sure that will also be fixed though.

Production for the Cybertruck has been pushed back until late next year. The truck will surely be a sight to see.

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Kirsten Markley is an Elon Musk enthusiast. She is studying graphic design and plans on being a UI designer on Mars.