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Channing Tatum Is Producing a Limited Series on the Rise of SpaceX

Channing Tatum Producing Series on SpaceX
Channing Tatum Producing Series on SpaceX

Channing Tatum’s Free Association, according to Deadline, is creating a six-part series about Elon Musk and SpaceX.

The series will be streamed via HBO and it will be produced by the former head of HBO Films, Miniseries, and Cinemax, Len and Vance Amato. Channing Tatum, Reid Carolin, and Peter Kiernan will also be executive producers.

According to its website, the Free Association is a film and television production company in Santa Monica, California. Since 2010, they have produced documentaries, movies, and tv shows. The production company has produced: Magic Mike, Magic Mike XXL, Logan Lucky, and 22 Jump Street.

The series, called SpaceX, will be written by Doug Jung, who is known for co-writing Star Trek Beyond. The limited series will be based on Ashlee Vance’s book: Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future.

SpaceX will detail Elon Musk and his mission to make the human race multi-planetary. Musk will ultimately choose a few engineers to make the first SpaceX rocket and launch it into orbit, the Falcon 9.

There have been no reports on whether Elon Musk will be apart of the HBO series. But, SpaceX will aid Tom Cruise in shooting a new movie on the ISS. According to Hackaday, Jim Bridenstine, a NASA Administrator, confirmed that plans were being developed and that Tom Cruise, along with a possible co-star will use a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule to travel to the ISS. The launch of the capsule will occur in October 2021.

A series detailing the founding of SpaceX can incline people’s interest and bring more awareness of Space X and their mission. Based on Free Association’s filmography, and with the help of Doug Jung, and former HBO writers, SpaceX seems promising. It will be interesting to see if the series will be a docuseries or if there will be actors.

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Kirsten Markley is an Elon Musk enthusiast. She is studying graphic design and plans on being a UI designer on Mars.