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DM-2 Launch Success

dm2 launch spacex
dm2 launch spacex

A decade of work with the Commercial Crew Program just culminated today. For the first time since the Space Shuttle retirement, American Astronauts lifted off from an American rocket from American soil. Today’s mission proved that a private company cannot only send humans to space but also that reusable rockets are viable. This is truly a historic moment for not only the United States but the entire world.

After the scrub of the mission on Wednesday, May 27, due to weather, space enthusiasts were on the edge of their seats to see if today’s mission attempt will occur. However, at 3:22 pm EST, twenty two minutes past the hour, SpaceX had a flawless mission after putting their first crew into orbit, a dream come true since the beginning of the company. To top it off, the company successfully landed its Falcon 9 booster onto droneship Of Course I Still Love You several hundred kilometers in the Atlantic Ocean.

For the next fourteen hours, astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken will ride on Crew Dragon in the darkness of space as it will dock with the International Space Station. Also, just for fun, the astronauts revealed the name of their capsule, Endeavour. As a tribute to Space Shuttle Endeavour, which both astronauts had their maiden spaceflight on. Bob and Doug also brought with them a special payload, a toy stuffed dinosaur, for both their sons.

You can rewatch the historic mission and follow Bob and Doug’s journey on SpaceX’s webcast below:

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Toby Li is an avid EV and human spaceflight enthusiast. He is pursuing aerospace engineering in the hopes of someday becoming a future Martian.