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Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s Firing of Twitter Employees Has Led to “Total Chaos…”

musk fires twitter employees
musk fires twitter employees

For the past week, Elon Musk has made drastic changes to Twitter’s staff by cutting down on Twitter’s 7,500 payroll to make “an effort to place Twitter on a healthy path.” According to NBC News, staff members received news via email that there will be layoffs on Friday morning and that the office will temporarily be closed:

“We recognize that this will impact a number of individuals who have made valuable contributions to Twitter, but this action is unfortunately necessary to ensure the company’s success moving forward.”

The email also stated that employees will be notified of their termination by their professional or personal email account.

Since this email was sent out, an employee described reactions as “It’s total chaos, house melting down…”

Their reaction is justified. Before Musk officially bought the company, Twitters general counsel told employees that they should not dwell on rumors of an employee mass exodus. There has also not been any direct communication to employees like this since the acquisition on October 27th. So, this email warning employees of upcoming terminations must have been the last thing they were expecting. Imagine sitting at home constantly refreshing your email wondering if you will have a job that day.

Another tactic being used to weed out employees by assigning impossible tasks like redesigning their subscription and verification systems in a week.

Musk has also fired people on Twitter’s leadership team like Parag Agrawal, the now former CEO, and executives have left the company throughout the week.

With this, Musk has also invited employees from his other companies to help. 50 of them are from Tesla, 2 from The Boring Company, and 1 from Neuralink. CNBC lists out some of the employees brought over from Tesla:

“Director of software development Ashok Elluswamy, director of Autopilot and TeslaBot engineering Milan Kovac, senior director of software engineering Maha Virduhagiri; Pete Scheutzow, a senior staff technical program manager, and Jake Nocon, who is part of Tesla’s surveillance unit, as a senior manager of security intelligence.”

Elon Musk’s goal of making Twitter a platform for free speech has led to concerns of the app to become a vessel for people to do or say whatever they want. But Reuters reported Monday that Musk promised the European Union that they would follow the Digital Services Act. The Digital Services Act punishes companies that do not control illegal content. He also plans to have a council that would moderate and be made up of “widely diverse viewpoints.”

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Kirsten Markley is an Elon Musk enthusiast. She is studying graphic design and plans on being a UI designer on Mars.