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The Boring Company

Elon Musk’s LA Tunnel Turns Teslas Into a ‘rail-guided’ Train

the boring company tunnel launch
the boring company tunnel launch

The Boring Company hosted tonight a launch event for its test tunnel that was successfully built in LA, connecting SpaceX’s property and “O’Leary Station” costing about $10 million. In his tweets he showed how Model X, while equipped with gears that guide the car between elevators at the end of each tunnel, simply drives back onto the road. The rig is just a set of wheels and it was reported by TechCrunch that Musk will make them available as an aftermarket for $200 to $300.

Attendees have ridden the carriage and they described it as rather ‘’bumpy’’ and CNN reported it only traveled 35 mph. Musk has described it as, “like a highway system underground, basically”. The cars moving at speeds much faster than they are originally allowed on public roads, including the small ‘’offramps’’ which bring them back to street, it could actually solve traffic congestion problems.

Musk has said that his contraption is capable of driving at the speed of 150 mph which would make it feel like teleporting through the city. It’s also capable of carrying more than just Teslas and he said it applies to any autonomous, electric car available. Even though that description may only fit Teslas at this point, the vision is that the electric cars will drive alongside the tracks of high speed together with cars for pedestrians and cyclists.

Musk is expecting to connect the “Loops” to Hyperloops with capsules of high-speed but he decided to discuss that another time.

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