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Family Sues SpaceX for $20 Million For Damages After Fatal Crash

Carlos Venegas fatal crash
Carlos Venegas fatal crash

A Texas family is suing SpaceX for causing the death of a family member on the road.

On June 7 of last year, Carlos Venegas, his wife, and children were camping near the beach and decided to head home after the tide rose. They state that the road was completely dark during the time of the crash. According to Newsweek, the family stated that they were driving on State Highway 4 in “utter darkness.” It was then when their truck crashed into the back of an 18-wheeler trailer in the middle of the road. This resulted in the death of Carlos Venegas. The rest of his family was injured.

The trailer in question was transporting items in and out of the facility but had difficulty driving safely. The lack of light and the conditions of the access point led the driver to back up into the road.

Now, the family is suing SpaceX for the death of Mr. Venegas. Venegas’s wife, Lucinne Venegas, filed the suit in Brownsville in pursuit of $20 million for damages. The complaint states that the road did not have any signals or markers that would indicate that a truck was in the road.

“This case is about holding SpaceX responsible for the gruesome death of Mrs. Venegas’s husband, Mr. Venegas. In June 2020, SpaceX failed to maintain safe access points to its SpaceX facility, resulting in the Venegas family crashing into a delivery truck stalled at the entrance to SpaceX in the dark of night because it could not reasonably access SpaceX’s narrow entrance to its facilities”.

Fox Business reported that SpaceX’s attorneys have come and claimed that the company is not responsible for Venegas’s death and that it is Venegas who is at fault for the accident.

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