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Free Full Self-Driving When You Buy A Tesla by 2021 Says Musk

Free Full Self Driving When You Buy A Tesla by 2021
Free Full Self Driving When You Buy A Tesla by 2021

When considering its price, three months for free is quite the steal according to the CEO. But hurry because this deal is on a clock.

As the end of 2020 quickly approaches, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is making marketing waves via Twitter. On Tuesday evening the CEO took to his Twitter account and announced that anyone who purchases a new Tesla before year end will receive the company’s Full Self-Driving software, at no cost, for three full months. The software currently remains in beta and is not quite complete, but the price tag hovers an additional $10,000 to experience the software.

The new Tesla’s currently come with the company’s form of the Autopilot system, which is Level 2 partial automatic technology according to the SAE’s scale of autonomy. And the future for Full Self-Driving strives to live up to its full name someday — soon. Earlier this year the company awarded access to the technology to a limited group of drivers with plans to expand that list in the coming year, with more invites for those who paid for the FSD option. With the software still sitting in beta, Tesla says it may still do the wrong thing at the wrong time, and that’s why it is not ready for a hands-free driving experience. Many owners who have experienced it thus far claim it works well, but with supervision.

For those interested in this steal, the buyer needs to complete all the required documents, and take delivery just before 2021 strikes the clock, on December 31 at midnight. It’s advised to shop the current stock of Tesla’s to be able to experience the Full Self-Driving freebie. And if that’s not enough, Tesla authorized its staff earlier this month to throw in free Supercharging for buyers of a new EV as the company seeks record deliveries before the year ends. And though we won’t exactly know if this tactic worked until next year, we do know that Musk is a mastermind when it comes to sparking fans to make purchases when they matter the most.

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