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Here’s an Auction Item You Might Be Interested In: A Piece of Grimes’ Soul

grimes selling piece of soul
grimes selling piece of soul

No, this is not clickbait. She really is selling a piece of her soul.

Grimes has defied convention on several occasions with her music, looks, stage name, son’s name (X Æ A-Xii Musk) and more. Now, she’s doing it again by auctioning a ‘piece of her soul’ to the highest bidder. This auction will take place in her debut online art exhibition called ‘Selling Out,’ according to Bloomberg. The exhibition will be presented by Gallery Platform Los Angeles and Maccarone in Los Angeles, starting today until August 31st.

Initially, she priced it at $10 million, then changed it to ‘highest offer.’ Grimes said that she didn’t want anyone to buy it, the reason why the initial price was so high. Maybe her billionaire partner, Elon Musk, will win the bid.

But what exactly does the winner stand to gain by buying her soul? Nobody knows. Many are simply calling it an elaborate troll (apparently not the first one she’s trying to pull off).

There’s more to the online exhibition though. Visual art is another one of Grimes’ talents. She created the album art for all of her albums as well as illustrated her merchandise and concert posters. Her illustrations have also appeared in galleries before. Even though most of us probably recognize her as a singer, she told Bloomberg that she sees herself as a “visual artist first and foremost.” Hence, it’s unsurprising that her prints, photographs, drawings and sketches will also be featured in the exhibition.

It would be really interesting to see the outcome of this. Who’s going to buy her soul? Will anybody at all? We’ll probably know soon enough.

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