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Megapack Ready to Debut at Giant Energy Storage Project in California

Tesla Powerpack Eye Level e1540921563972
Tesla Powerpack Eye Level e1540921563972

As it was reported last year, Tesla is working on a new energy storage system called ‘Megapack’. Although, there wasn’t that much information about it at the time.

However, we can now confirm now that it’s a large container-size energy storage system that Tesla is ready to debut in its upcoming project commissioned by PG&E at the Moss Landing substation.

Tesla’s proposal for the project was obtained and it shows that the company plans to use ‘Megapack’ instead of its usual Powerpack for large utility-scale projects.

It was shown in the document that a Tesla Megapack consists of long 23′-5″ (7.14m) x 5′-3″ (1.60m) battery system, which the company mostly installs back to back with another unit:

Tesla Megapack Equipment 1024x532

The California Public Utilities Commission approved the project last month and with that three other energy storage systems. Apparently, the new energy storage capacity is so important that it will replace three gas power plants.

According to Tesla’s plan, they will deploy 449 Megapacks at the site:

Tesla Moss Landing 1024x725

Tesla is listing the project as having a total capacity of 1,200 MWh, so each Megapack has a capacity of 2,673 kWh. That makes it more more than 12 times the capacity of Powerpack 2 in a package that could potentially fit about 8 Powerpacks.

The total capacity of those 449 Megapacks has more capacity than Tesla Energy which was deployed throughout the first 3 years of its operation including all Powerpacks and Powerwalls.

PG&E says that their goal is to bring the energy project online by the end of 2020.

Tesla was asked about using the new Megapack at the Vistra Energy Moss Landing station project and a company spokesperson said that they had no comment.

It’s rather convenient that Tesla would introduce a new giant energy storage product at this giant energy storage project. It could be rather benefical for California.

As for the Megapack, it looks like Tesla achieved a volumetric energy capacity improvement over Powerpack 2. However, there is more to it. Tesla will be able to save a lot of money in installation costs for large projects considering that  a single Megapack is going to be a lot quicker to install than the thousands of Powerpacks it would be replacing.

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