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Owner of Tesla Solar Roof Gives a Video Review Showing Amazing Results

tesla solar 100 day review
tesla solar 100 day review

A family that bought the Tesla Solar Roof three months ago recently created a video review to show just how amazing it is.

You can find the video below:

The owner is the Neumann family from Northern California, one of the first buyers of the Tesla Solar Roof.

The first installations of the roof began in January. Before incentives, the cost of the Tesla Solar Roof along with Powerwall’s came up to $83,000.

The Neumann family says that the Solar Roof saved them more than $400 over the past 3 months. It’s interesting how their electricity bills have fallen over time because of the installation.

March 2020

April 2020

May 2020

The family says that the roof performs well even in non-financial aspects. The only issue they said they faced was with the Powerwall’s a few days after the system was switched on, which Tesla swiftly fixed.

With the help of the Solar Roof and the Powerwall, the Neumanns’ house has been mostly operating off-grid. It was only when they had to use the air conditioner on a particularly hot day that they had to use the electricity from the grid. The following report shows the difference in electricity usage on a normal day compared to a day when there was a heatwave.

Self Powered 1Self Powered 2

The family also said that they changed some of their habits ever since they started using the roof. One example is that they performed tasks that relied on energy when the solar hours peaked, rather than at night when they would have to use electricity.

They didn’t even notice that there had been a power outage until they saw the notification on the Tesla app.

Tesla App

After being informed of it, they continued to conserve energy since they didn’t know how much longer the power outage would last.

All in all, the Neumann family’s experience with the Solar Roof seems to be a positive one.

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