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SpaceX to Build Spaceports to Launch the Starship From the Ocean

spacex spaceport starship
spacex spaceport starship

We had recently reported that SpaceX is considering 3 locations for the launch of its Starship spacecraft: the launch facilities in Texas or Florida, or the ocean. At the time, the company was undecided on where its launch site is going to be.

Now, it seems that SpaceX has finally come to a decision as it will be building spaceports in the ocean to move the project forward.

The first mention of this rocket was in a 2017 presentation by Elon Musk, in which he elaborated on his plans to colonize Mars and facilitate commercial space travel. The presentation had a video of a primitive version of the Starship transporting passengers from a spaceport near New York City to one in Shanghai, the entire journey taking about 39 minutes. Musk called this concept of transporting people using a high-speed system ‘Earth to Earth.’

The world quickly came to know of SpaceX’s plans when it listed two job postings on its website for engineers who can “design and build an operational offshore rocket launch facility.” Both are in Brownsville, Texas, a city that is around 30 minutes away from the company’s operational base in Boca Chica Village. This is the place where it is testing Starship prototypes.

The first tweet revealing the news was posted by Dan Paasch from Fort Worth. Later, Musk responded to a tweet by another user about the jobs.

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