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Tesla Secretly Acquired Automation Manufacturer Compass Automation to Build New Factories

Tesla Acquires Compass Automation
Tesla Acquires Compass Automation

In 2017 Tesla acquired Perbix, a Minnesota-based automated equipment manufacturing firm for an undisclosed amount. But now it has come to our knowledge that Perbix was not the only company that Tesla acquired at that time. It also acquired Compass Automation, an equipment manufacturing firm based in Elgin, Illinois.

Tesla posted some job offerings related to manufacturing in Elgin, which was suspicious as Tesla didn’t have any manufacturing unit in that city. However, sources revealed that there is a company Compass Automation that manufactures automation equipment. After researching, it was found that the website of Compass Automation is disabled and Tesla did buy Compass Automation without even being got noticed back in 2017.

Acquisition of Compass Automation was completed by Tesla and it started working exclusively in 2018. Further, sources have revealed that Musk was impressed by the CEO of Compass Automation, Brian Greviskes for his outstanding work for the company and decided to buy the firm.

From the start of 2016, Musk has been focusing on automation of the factories and it is not a surprise that he acquired another automation manufacturer through Tesla. With this acquisition, Tesla has further enhanced its manufacturing capabilities to design new factories just like Gigafactory in Berlin which is expected to be completed by 2021. In the year 2016, Tesla also acquired a German firm Grohmann Engineering specializing in automated manufacturing.

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