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Tesla Tequila – The Most Expensive Joke

tesla tequila
tesla tequila

Yet again, Tesla has delivered an iconic product to the market that many cannot resist. Tesla announced their Tesla Tequila and it sold out, before Elon Musk could even announce it himself. The tequila has not been launched full-fledged; however, the reservations show a big win for the automaker.

In 2018, Musk tweeted an April Fools’ joke about Tesla branded tequila. That now, just two and a half years later has come to fruition.

Be careful what you joke about, the universe is listening. And that joke could bring in some serious cash flow.

So how expensive is this joke? The going rate for a bottle of this electric tequila is $250. But many that have placed their reservations have already taken to eBay to relist their bottles ranging from $400-$1,500 per bottle. Some are even being listed as empty bottles for as much as $1,000.

It is unclear if the tequila is really all it’s cracked up to be. But what we do know is that brand valuation sold the tequila for itself, without even a formal tweet from Musk.

Tesla has slowly but surely risen to the top of the automotive world. And though the vehicles cannot be purchased by just anybody, the trusted science and growing popularity of the brand has expanded into a household name.

The sellout of the tequila shows strong favor on brand valuation, as a testament to the strength of the automaker. With many other automakers having a strong lead in maturity over Tesla. It would be fair to say that sooner rather than later we will see a surge to the top with Tesla and brand power.

While it isn’t uncommon for automakers to leverage their brands with various other products, especially luxury. Tesla takes the cake with its sellout tequila – April Fool’s turned marketing tools.

Take note!

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Kc Cartwright is a freelance writer and avid outdoorsman. She is a space enthusiast with a passion for exploring life on other planets, as well as space travel.