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The Boring Company

The Boring Company is Now Pitching Freight Tunnels

The Boring Company is Now Pitching Freight Tunnels
The Boring Company is Now Pitching Freight Tunnels

Elon Musk’s, The Boring Company, have been pitching freight tunnels to potential clients.

Bloomberg was able to get their hands on a copy of a pitch and reported the details of the tunnels within it. The freight tunnels will be 21-foot in diameter, which is almost twice the size of the company’s previous tunnels.

The pitch also shows three images showing how cargo can be transported. The first being an 8 ft tall container inside the 12-foot tunnel, the next one shows the same container in the 21-foot tunnel, and then one of two containers side by side in the same tunnel. They will be able to hold two shipping containers. These containers will be placed on “battery-powered freight carriers.” The carriers would be like shelves on wheels.

By expanding their business, The Boring Company was able to get their first known client. Engadget writes that San Bernardino County is interested in creating a “Inland Port” to reduce traffic in the area, which is the company’s main goal.

Founded in 2016, The Boring Company’s focus is to “solve the problem of soul-destroying traffic” by creating underground transportation. The Loop underneath the Las Vegas Convention Center is among the first of these transport tunnels.

The Loop may not be the only tunnel giving rides. Back in February, Miami Mayor, Francis Suarez, shared via Twitter that a 2-mile tunnel is coming. Normally, a project like this would be close to $1 billion dollars, but Suarez was told that it would only be $30 million.

By adding freight tunnels, it could convince other highly populated cities, like Las Vegas and Miami, to add transportation tunnels that would allow people to travel more freely within the city and possibly to other ones.

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Kirsten Markley is an Elon Musk enthusiast. She is studying graphic design and plans on being a UI designer on Mars.