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The Cybertruck Moonrover: Design to Reality?

tesla cybertruck moonrover
tesla cybertruck moonrover

If you’re an Elon Musk fan, you might have wondered what a hybrid between a NASA rover and the Tesla Cybertruck would look like. Even if you didn’t, designer Charlie Automobile has saved you the need.

An especially striking feature of the Cybertruck are its looks. Whether you think it looks hideous or stylish, here’s a question you might not have considered before: what would the Cybertruck look like as a space vehicle?

It seems that one designer in particular had that question and even set out to answer it. He repurposed the Cybertruck as a lunar rover and, we must say, it may be a better fit for the moon than the Earth.

On that note, is the production of a next-generation lunar rover underway for SpaceX? With the company having just launched two NASA astronauts into the International Space Station on May 30th, becoming the first private company to send humans into orbit, there’s no telling what it’s planning on doing next.

Moreover, SpaceX had been buying the powertrain from Tesla for its rockets, so a collaboration between the two companies for the design and manufacturing of a rover is not a far-reaching prospect.

A Cybertruck Moonrover

The designer Charlie Automotive said on his Instagram post, “Next, let’s ship a Cybertruck Moonrover in the space.” The image he posted was that of a SpaceX-NASA Moon rover with three axles and six wheels.

The design is impressive, possibly just as good as that SpaceX could’ve come up with.

SpaceX has also been working with NASA on developing launch systems and spacecraft to land Americans on the moon once again. Well, Elon Musk did launch his Tesla Roadster into space as a payload for SpaceX’s Falcon test flight. Perhaps he could launch the Cybertruck to actually be deployed on the moon.

The collaboration may be happening after all. Musk did mention some time ago that Tesla and SpaceX may work together to create the ‘Cyborg Dragon Tesla.’ Nothing seems to have been finalized yet, but the possibilities are endless and exciting.

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