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Uber Competitor to Launch Tesla Fleet in New York City Next Month

Uber Competitor to Launch Tesla Fleet in New York City Next Month
Uber Competitor to Launch Tesla Fleet in New York City Next Month

Revel announces that they will have an all-electric ride-hailing system in May. This sounds amazing, but why is there push back from the city?

Revel is a moped sharing service that allows customers to rent mopeds, an electric bike subscription, and electric charging stations.

The 50 light blue Model Y’s will be focused in Manhattan but will expand to other neighborhoods over time. Revel details customer abilities on their website. Some of them include being able to control the touchscreen to control music and air conditioning, and extra leg room with the passenger’s seat taken out.

The New York Post writes that the company claimed that they got approval from the Taxi Limousine Commission (TLC) to start the Tesla fleet next month.

As it turns out, the TLC denied that this occurred and that they were abusing the new for-hire vehicle rules that were put in place two years ago that would allow driver to switch to electric cars.

Revel claims that their project does not exceed the TLC guidelines and the CEO said that they went through a licensing process:

“The TLC licensing process is not a discretionary process and we do not anticipate having any issues complying with all TLC rules and regulations.”

Another thing to note is that their scooters are not safe. Last summer, lawsuits were filed against the company after riders were injured. The victims claimed that the mopeds would malfunction that led to an accident or collision. Another reported that he was thrown off after the brakes locked up. On top of that, three people died by losing control of the mopeds within the span of ten days. This caused the company to close for one month.

Since then, this has led Revel to make a positive change. They have added a safety test and a selfie requirement to prove that they are wearing a helmet. There have been no reports of fatalities since then.

As they wait to receive their fully issued license, Revel is now in the process of hiring drivers so they can train them before the launch.

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Kirsten Markley is an Elon Musk enthusiast. She is studying graphic design and plans on being a UI designer on Mars.