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Watch Funny Failed Attempt to Gas Up a Tesla Model S

tesla at gas station
tesla at gas station

An electric car requiring gas?

Surely, this isn’t something that happens every day yet what results will probably make you laugh a bit.

It appears that gas and vehicles are so linked that when one steps into a car, they immediately assume it consumes gas.

However, as it is widely known, there is no a single Tesla vehicle model that runs on gas and Model S definitely runs on electricity.

In any case, truly, there are rather ignorant people out there and we can’t really blame them for it, as the new rush of electric vehicles is still in relative early stages.

In situations like this, all we can do is help which is what happens at the end of the video or, we could be fooled, and this video could be just a set up. Either way, it will give you at least a smirk.

We advise you, if you ever come across an act like this, make sure to act quickly and help out the poor, ignorant fellow.

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