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Why Full Self-Driving For Autopilot Is Becoming More Expensive

tesla increasing full self driving autopilot
tesla increasing full self driving autopilot

Why has full self-driving mode become more expensive? The Verge reported that Tesla will raise the price for the Autopilot feature $1,000 on July 1st. This is not anything new for Tesla. Though the current price of it is $7,000, Elon Musk expects that the price of the feature will be much higher. As Autopilot becomes more capable of driving on their own, the more expensive the software will be. In a tweet yesterday, Elon said that it will cost more than $100,000 after it is installed:

That sounds like a lot, but we have to consider what Autopilot is capable of. In my first article, I wrote about how more features were added like the 3 billion miles, the navigation system that allows you to select a destination and go there without driving yourself, and the emergency brake system that prevents crashes and other software was improved such as “smart summon” that allows the car to drive to you, weaving through more complex parking spots and at a further distance.

Another reason why the completed software will be $100,000 is because when the full self-driving software is complete, Tesla will launch a “robotaxi fleet”. The Verge explains that the car will be used as a self driving vehicle for an owner and for others to use without the owner. This will allow owners to make $30,000 a year if they choose to use robotaxi. This makes the car an amazing investment for people looking to make more money and are willing to have others use it.

Even though Teslas are closer to being fully autonomous, Nasdaq explains, “the full self-driving feature doesn’t currently support actual self-driving. Instead, the feature works with Tesla’s Autopilot suite to provide enhanced driver assistance, including automatic lane changes, parallel as well as perpendicular parking assist.”

It will be interesting to see how many people will install the full self-driving software and use the robotaxi system when it comes around. It will no doubt be the safest car on the market.

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Kirsten Markley is an Elon Musk enthusiast. She is studying graphic design and plans on being a UI designer on Mars.