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WiTricity Will Provide ‘Limited Beta’ Wireless Charging for Some EVs Later This Year

WiTricity Wireless Charging
WiTricity Wireless Charging

This innovative charging technology will allow EV owners to charge by just parking. The Tesla Model 3 and other EV’s in the United States will be able to use this new charging system later this year. Broader expansion of wireless charging will begin in 2023.

Earlier this week, WiTricity announced that their Halo charging system allows EV batteries to charge with a power receiver attached to the battery, a charging pad, and a wall box that is connected to a power source and pad. The pad can either be installed on or below the ground. The car will need to park on top of the pad to receive power.

“With the WiTricity Halo™ solution you just park and walk away, knowing you will return to a fully charged car,” said Alex Gruzen, CEO of WiTricity. “Day to day, it’s as if your car had infinite range, which will help accelerate EV adoption and propel us to a greener future.”

Green Car Reports writes that the WiTricity Halo Charging system can give up to 11kW. This will add 40-60 miles after charging for one hour

The height of the car from the energy pad does not seem to matter. According to them, the pad will give “high energy transfer over a wide air gap.”

Tests have been done with the Model 3 since October 2021. They have found that it will take about 6 hours to fully charge. This is about the same length of time it takes to charge with a plug-in.

As of now, they are looking to test other EV’s like the Ford Mach E to give a wider range of availability.

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